Artistic Statement

Dance making is our form of expression and communication. Our goal is to foster conceptual, intellectual, and innovative thinking, as well as to spark the imagination and creativity of our audience. Through our art, we evoke social awareness and community responsibility. To advance the art of dance making, we push boundaries by rejecting the predetermined notion of what dancers should look like, dance like, and what they ought to be capable of doing.

We are inspired by the need and obligation to share and move others through our work, asking all involved to question thinking and challenge perspectives. Our work represents ideas and themes that can be interpreted in multiple ways, weaving connections with each audience member. Our work is significant because it challenges the viewer to be active in thought and action. It confronts the norm. It is relatable, self-­reflecting, and it exposes truths.

The human body and mind is the form and medium through which our work is shared. We use imagery, emotions, and human experiences to construct movement that represents specific concepts and themes exploring space, effort, time, quality, and energy. We believe in "doing", not "showing." We are interested in making movement that is real, tangible and "in the moment". Our work is made of us, it is made of all the artists involved, it is made of life experiences, and most significantly it is made of the observer.

Inspiring Audiences

Sparking Imagination


Pushing Boundaries