JONNY RIESE graduated with a Bachelors of Arts in Cinema/TV Production from the University of Southern California. He moved to Akron in 2011 and has since given private lessons, and worked professionally on photo and video projects with local artists like The Art Factory, MorrisonDance, RED Company Real.Edge.Dance, and The Movement Project. With Erin Craig, he is a founding member of the dance-for-camera art project Loupe de Loup. He brings a passion for the art of the image, both moving and still, to all or his work, and he loves sharing his interest with others through teaching and collaboration. Jonny also enjoys working on stage and in front of the camera. Recently, he acted in The Invitation, which won best short film at the 2013 Canton Film Festival, and in the Weathervane Playhouse's production of Night Must Fall. Jonny has worked closely with TMP since 2013 on promotional films, dance films, photography and documentation, bringing an exciting new collaboration to the TMP team.