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IRENE HONORA was born in Littleton, Colorado. Having studied her BFA at Ohio University, Irene’s most recent choreographic work, To Each His All was performed at the Ohio University Senior Spring Dance Concert 2014. She has had the pleasure of interning with The Movement Project last year during creation of the work Two Kinds of Light, performing in Gladys Bailin’s Newspapers at Ohio University, as well as working with choreographers like Anna E. Scott. Irene also performed in the School of Theater’s production of Lysistrata, choreographed by Travis Gatling, and is proud to have been a part of one of the first crossovers between the departments of Theater and Dance at OU. Irene is also interested in dance medicine and presented research on snapping hip syndrome at the annual International Dance Medicine Association’s meeting held in Basel, Switzerland in the fall of 2014. Irene is excited to be with The Movement Project as a company member, and is eager to see Cleveland's dance community grow and prosper.