The Movement Project is pleased to announce something new! This year, the company has established The Movement Project Ambassador Program, a program dedicated to developing TMP Community Ambassadors, and helping them receive the tools they need to highlight the importance of dance in their community.

Our Ambassadors are selected through an application process among our Summer Intensive Students. The first two Ambassadors we are announcing this season are Makayla and Sophie. We chose them for their positive attitudes and kind leadership skills, not to mention their thoughtful takes to questions about dance and their community. 




Makayla is eager to begin her TMP Ambassador journey. While a privilege, she also understands the responsibility involved and is proud to represent both her studio and The Movement Project, “When I go to master classes and shows, I am representing TMP and everything they stand for,” she says, “It also means that I need to do my part to spread the word about dance in my community.”

When prompted to expand on her idea of how dance and community can relate to each other, Makayla elaborates, “Dance can influence a community when dancers perform a dance that has meaning or touches someone. For example, if you do a dance about cancer, it could bring people together because they understand what you are going through,” she says, “When people come together, it is that one moment in time when there is no hate or prejudice. People are together for the same reason and are kind and supportive. You can only hope that they take those positives feelings out into the world with them.”

Dance also has a special meaning to her, personally. Makayla oftentimes sees dance as a sense of relief and release. It is a time for her to be herself without reservations, “It’s a chance to express myself without words,” she says thoughtfully.




Sophie’s main goal as a TMP Ambassador is to share with the community the gift of dance, “I'll be able to share and spread dance throughout my community and help people see how inspiring and amazing dance can be.” This is one of the many perks of being an Ambassador...Sophie gets a platform to share what dance means to her, and what dance means to the community.

I love the feeling of how free dancing can be,” she says, “It's a world of my own that I can escape to and be my own person.” It is this sense of freedom and excitement Sophie wishes others can experience, “Dance can help people in numerous ways, it can help them express themselves, show how they feel. It could simply just be an escape for them to have fun and let loose.”


The Movement Project is happy to have such strong young leaders as our Ambassadors! We know they will do great things for the dance community. Be sure to keep an eye out for future blogs to learn more about our other Ambassadors this coming year!