Bring TMP to your workplace, community center and business today! Not sure what type of program to offer your employees, community groups or staff? Not a problem! Our director of education, Grace Nicklos would be happy to build a program that fits all your needs. Contact information can be found below.

community movement

TMP's Community Movement Classes & Events connect participants to their bodies through uplifting and engaging movement exercises. TMP artists will aide in relieving stress, awakening their bodies, finding creativity, and fostering a sense of play. 

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Age: 18 & up (no dance experience needed)

Types of Community Movement Programs Offered:

  • SINGLE WORKSHOP: 45 minutes
  • WORKSHOP PACKAGE: 3-4 classes

workplace wellness workshops

The Workplace Wellness Workshop targets the wellness and health of the body and will instruct participants through exercises to release muscular tension, improve posture, and prevent future pain. Participants will use various props and exercises beneficial to restoring their body after sitting in sedentary positions and doing repetitive tasks like typing. Tools and exercises learned in this class will be formatted in a way that is easily applicable for participants to continue their use in the future; decreasing their chance of pain and increasing their health and productivity. 

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Why Workplace Movement?

Healthy employees make for more productive employees. Healthy employees can also save you money. If your organization pays for (or subsidizes) healthcare, your business has a financial incentive to keep employees eating right and exercising. For a small business, creating a wellness program can seem like a daunting (and expensive) task. But with a wellness program, the American Journal of Health Promotion "showed an average 27% reduction in sick leave absenteeism, 26 % reduction in health care costs, and 32% reduction in workers' compensation and disability management cost claims." The University of Michigan Health Management Research Center estimates that an organization saves $350 annually when a low-risk employee remains low risk and $153 when a high-risk employee's health risks are reduced. When your employees feel better it creates a positive workplace atmosphere. 

therapeutic movement (Adaptive)

Participants of this class will move in ways and patterns they thought were not possible for them. Exercises will be used that will increase fine motor skills and muscle patterning, teach movement rhythms, develop confidence and creativity, and increase well being. Various types of music will be used to inspire movement and a rhythmic connection to the body. This class is designed to be adaptive to many levels of participation and is inclusive to individuals of all abilities.

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Types of Therapeutic Movement Programs Offered:

  • SINGLE WORKSHOP: 1 hour sessions  
  • Have specific needs and budget? TMP would be happy to design a program that fits your needs.

Weekly Classes Tremont

Looking for weekly adult dance classes to continue your training? Visit HERE for more info. 


Contact: Grace Nicklos, Director of Education